A local brewery based in Warrington, taking inspiration from travels all over the globe.


Californian Lager - ABV 4.1%

We found this great Californian Common Lager, in an Irish bar in Sweden. Our friend and fellow brewer Erik introduced us to it and we've created our own, with the same refreshing taste of a lager but the surprising richness of an ale.

Appearance: Golden

Aroma: Fresh citrus and subtle mint

Taste: light, refreshing, subtle biscuit flavours, hint of mint

Mouth Feel: Light bodied, medium carbonation

Food Pairing: Shellfish, sushi, grilled pork and chicken

Stout - ABV 5%

On one of our study trips to Belgium, we discovered, amongst all the dark beers they have, a Belgian stout. It was delicious and moreish but it was too heavy on the ABV, something us Brits aren't used to. So we developed our own with a distinctive dry finish.

Appearance: Chocolate brown, full bodied

Aroma: Chocolate lacing liquorice and malty

Taste: Chocolate, caramel and nutty

Mouth Feel: Full bodied

Food Pairing: Game, hearty winter meals and Chocolate

Pale Ale - ABV 4.2%

It was a hot Summers night in Barcelona and the fruit and tea infused IPAs, just weren't cutting it. So we switched to a classic, local pale ale and its simple citrus notes and slightly bitter finish inspired the refreshing beer you're holding now.

Appearance: Golden, medium bodied beer

Aroma: Citrus, Esters, Stone fruit

Taste: Citrus, grapefruit and orange

Mouth Feel: Medium body

Food Pairing: Fish, chicken anything light and spicy



We make beer. Like many a Warringtonian before us, including our Grandad.

We’ve travelled the world – working and learning – and the people we met, the beer we drank, the flavours of those places, have inspired what we make today.

Every bottle, every draught, contains all those experiences, all that history plus the finest British malts, yeast and hops from around the world.

And a whole lotta love from our brewery (here) in Warrington.

We are Modern Day Monks.

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